Startup Creation Platform for Overlooked Innovation

A start-up studio and early-stage healthcare investor that combines a deep ecosystem with a unique investment thesis and a critical social mission.

Our Business Creation Platform

Start-Up Studio

Offer resources to start-ups for up to 24 months to de-risk the investment process. 

Early Stage Investment

Select opportunistic investments to expand the ecosystem with leading diverse founders.

Innovation Partners

We partner with leading healthcare organizations to accelerate their digital transformation in overlooked areas of innovation that address health disparities.


Fully operating companies designed, launched, and grown.


Raised for Grace Venture Partners Portfolio Companies.


People employed by Grace Venture Partners portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio

A research & development company whose lead program is an antidote for various non-opioid drug overdoses and poisonings.

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A developmental stage biotechnology company focused on creating products that utilize nanoparticle technology to restore blood volume after heavy bleeding.

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A digital healthcare company which helps millions of individuals gain rapid access to social service benefits through its social care management platform.

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A biotech company focused on finding a cure for the skin depigmentation disease, Vitiligo. 

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Software that improves patient engagement and outcomes by enabling the chronically ill to monitor their health and connect to their medical providers.

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A genetic cancer risk assessment software which helps healthcare providers use genetic information to predict, preempt, and prevent cancer across populations.

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A Biotechnology company developing next generation injectable products for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries.

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Schedule 1 Therapeutics

A preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing cannabis-based medicines for FDA approval.

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The Process

Our Deep Ecosystem

GVP has a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs, research partners and corporate sponsorship.

Our Unique Investment Thesis

We focus on “Overlooked Innovation” – technologies and related solutions that significantly impact minorities and/or improve health equity.

Our Social Mission

GVP aims to increase African-American talent in health startups via investments and entrepreneur-in-residence program.

Hands-On Approach

We actively manage both biotech & digital healthcare assets to most efficiently address unmet medical and societal needs.

Our Team

Paul Burton, JD, MBA

General Partner, Biotechnology

Christopher Gay, MBA

General Partner, Digital Healthcare & Corporate Partnerships

Lyle Berkowitz, MD

General Partner, Digital Healthcare & Corporate Partnerships

Sharon Ray

General Partner, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Corporate Partnerships